Article Papers -
Journal :
Vol-2, Issue-3, Date-August, 2013

Higher Education Accreditation: International Trends and Practices-Dr. Neeru Rathee & Ms. Chetna Jathol
Measurement of Errors and Misconceptions: Interviews and Open-ended Tests, Multiple-Choice Tests, Two-tier Tests and Three-Tier Test- Dr. Ritu Bala
Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Elementary Level- Dr. J. D. Singh
Indigenous Knowledge in Education for Sustainable Development-Subhankar Ghosh
“Effectiveness of Selected e-lectures Related to Research Methodology and Statistics in Terms of Achievement of Students in Research Methodology and Statistics and Their Reaction Towards e-lectures.”- Sultan Mudasir & S.K. Tyagi
Analysis of Selected Secondary Biological Science Websites for Content, Instructional Strategies and Assessment- Dr. Joy E. Stewart, Dr. David Devraj Kumar & Dr. P. V. Thomas
Right to Education (RTE): Present, Past & Future- Jitendra Singh Goyal & Suneeta Chaudhari
Peer Learning: Achieving the Goal of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation- Dr.Sunita Singh & Miss Meenakshi Singh
Inclusion of Para Teachers in Elementary Education:The Wrong Solution for the Teachers Shortage in India- Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Patra
Educational Process Outsourcing: Empowering Institutions to improve quality of Higher Education- Dr.Ritu Tripathi Chakravarty