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Journal :
Vol-4, Issue-1, Date-February, 2015

The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction in Teaching Physical Sciences In Secondary School Of The Rural Area Of Burdwan District, West Bengal- Basudeb Roy Chaudhury
Achieving Quality In Higher Education: Why and How?-Dr. Sunita Singh & Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh
Teacher Education 2015+-Chhaya Goel, Devraj Goel
Integrating the Local Heritage in the School Curriculum-Milton GEORGE, Dima BOU MOSLEH
Swami Vivekananda’s Ideal of Karma-Yoga and Its Relevance in Life-Lalita Agrawal
An Experience Par Academic-Madhvendra Shukl
Effectiveness of Vocabulary Activities on the Learners Performance at Upper Primary Stage in English.-Rasmi Ranjan Puhan, Lakshmipriya Malla
A Study of Adolescents’ Attitude towards Human Rights in Relation to their Personality Variables-Rajesh Kumar Srivastav
Quality Assurance in Teacher Education: Initiatives and Challenges Ahead-Ms. Sangeeta, Dr. Poonam Dhull
Mathematics is the Key to all Fun-Dr. Ritu Bala
Perception of Adolescents about Out of School Quality Time Investment: A Comparison between Boys and Girls-Dr. Chitralekha Maiti