Article Papers -
Journal :
Vol-4, Issue-3, Date-August, 2015

A Study on Relationship between Personality and Socio Economic Status of Student Teachers- S. Prakash & Dr. S. Amaladoss Xavier.S. J.
A Qualitative Study on Effectiveness of Different Modes of Teacher Orientation Program- Dr. Pratima Pallai
Web 2.0 technologies to engage and support the professional development of ESL teachers in India-Atiya Khan
Continued Classroom Learning with Online Videotaped Lectures- Shilpa Shah & Gerhard Meisenberg
Smoking Habits of Youths in Relations to Peer and Parental Influence-Chowdhury.R.Suvashree
Coping Skills Employed by Students to Meet the Challenges of 21st Century-Asit R. Purohit
Transforming Education – Through Human Infrastructure(The Case of North Eastern Region)- Dr. Ramakant Barua
Block Level Disparity in Social Development: A Case Study of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India-Rajeeb Samanta, Dr. Atreya Paul & Tanmay Patra
Linking Education with Life Skills- Meenakshi Sharma & Prof. Nidhi Bala
Fiscal Decentralization in School Education-Tasha Agarwal
Vocational Aspiration in Relation to Gender, Academic Performance and Demographical Variables among School Going Adolescent in Jangal Mahal- Mauleena Bera Pattanayak
No-Detention: A Mandatory Practice in Schools from No-Detention to No-Learning-Gaurav
Role of Education in Inculcating Virtues Leading to the State of Peace-Dr. Ritu Bala
Influence of Personality and Multimedia on Achievement of B.Ed. Students of Madhya Pradesh-Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Role of Family in Educating Children for Peace: A Better Approach of Peace Education- Md. Akhtar Raza & Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh
The Impact of Divorce upon Children-Dr. JatinderKumra
Indian Emotional Intelligent Among High School Students of Purnia District in Relation to their Academic Achievement-Danish Nadim
Teacher Professional Development-Truong Bao Duy
World Class Universities of India-Chhaya Goel, Devraj Goel