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Journal :
Vol-5, Issue-1, Date-February, 2016

The Educational Status of Minority Community in Bhatli Village, Bargarh, Odisha: A Study -Mrs. Sonia Mahakur
A Study of Effect of Teaching Aptitude of English Teachers of Secondary Schools upon the Academic Achievement of Students-Dr. Vikrant Mishra
Academic Optimism and Academic Achievement-Mahmood Safari, MohammadHassanKavoosi, SeyedHassanChavoshi
Professional Aspiration Pattern of Prospective–Teachers -Dr. Shruti Tandon
Choice Based Credit System-Do Our Universities Prepare for it?-Indrajeet Dutta
Comparative Study of the Teaching Aptitude of Fresh Categories of Student Teachers with those of In-Service Categories in Relation to their Rural-Urban Background-Rajesh Kumar Srivastav, Dr. V.K.Rai
Self-Help Groups: Poverty Alleviation-A Case Study of Nayagarh District of Odisha.-Gopal Krishna Jena
Personal and Social Adjustment of Potential Delinquents and Non-Delinquents of District – Baramulla-Ghulam Mohammad Wani, Dr. Geeta Rani Sharma
Personality and Self Efficacy as Determinants of Job Satisfaction of Senior Secondary School Teachers of Haryana. -Dr. Anju Sharma, Dr. Madhu Sahni
An Assessment of Mid Day Meal Scheme in Primary Schools of Jalpaiguri District (undivided) in West Bengal-Manik Aich Sarkar
National Mission on Higher Education (RUSA)-What Does It Mean for State Funded Universities?-Dr. Neeti Dutta
Problems of Education in India: Theory or Practical-Dr. Ritu Bala
Primary Education System in Lakshadweep-Dr.Baiju K.Nath, Farsana A.K.
Psychological predictors of academic achievement in adolescent students of XI grade.-Honey Premendra
Relation between Substance Use and Parental Control among undergraduate student-Suvashree Roy Chowdhury
A Study of Scientific Temperament Among Higher Secondary Students-Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh, Raghavendra Pratap Shukla
Enhancement of Creative Writing Ability in Poetry through Participatory Approach-Rajkumari Mishra, Chhaya Goel
Impact of Socio-Emotional Adjustment on Academic achievement of Adolescent Girls in Jammu and Kashmir-Dr. Showkeen Bilal Ahmad Gul
Role of Education in Knowledge-based Eonomy -Dr. Asadollahabbas, Omid Arad
Teaching in the Knowledge Age: Challenges for Teachers and Schools of India-Dr. Sutapa Bose
Self Evaluation in Student Teaching-Dr. S.Prakash
Reflective Practice – A Valuable Tool for Building Social Inclusion in India?-Dr. Susan M.B. Davies
Students’ Perception of Academic Library Services in their Learning Progress-Sumayya Al Rasbi, Solomon Arulraj David
Current Innovation for Teacher Education in Indian Education-Dr. Sunil Kumar Sain
A Study of Attitude of Teacher Trainees towards Teaching Profession.-Sailaja kaza[
The Octa-Hedral Structure of Intellect-Moumita Saha
New horizons of ICT for Women-Monika Gupta, Prof. Nidhi Bala
Implementation of Health Service Program in Schools-Dr. Sunita Singh
Decentralised Educational Governance in India- Challenges to Universalisation of Elementary Education-Anuradha Bose