Article Papers -
Journal :
Vol-6, Issue-3, Date-August, 2017

Higher Education in India: How Data Can Transform- . Aarti Srivastava & Soumini Ghosh
The Concept and Issues of Quality- Vaibhav Kumar Singh & Prof. U. C. Vashishtha
In Quest of Peace - Chhaya Goel & Devraj Goel
Inclusive Education: What & How?-Mr. Anurag Sharma
Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Education Curriculum for Enhancing Professionalism- Mr. Vimal Singh & Dr. Shraddha Padmaja Awasthi
Education of Teacher Educators: A New Discipline- M. Goswami, R. Mohalik & K. B Rath
Teaching Effectiveness of Secondary School Teachers under Teaching Background of Fathers - Nilam Sandhya Kujur & Dr. Sujeet Kumar Mishra
Harmonious blend of Vedanta, Religion and Scientific Knowledge: Vivekanand’s Educational Approach for Youth- SangeetaYaduvanshi & Dr.Sunita Singh
Rationale for the Approach to Environmental Education in Schools- India Pramod Kumar Sharma-Pramod Kumar Sharma
Chemistry practicals examination analysis of National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA): A review-Revelian R Tibyehabwa, Anold K Fulment, Gideon C Sangiwa Prof.Bajarang Bali Lal Srivastava