Article Papers -
Journal :
Vol-7, Issue-2, Date-May, 2018

Teacher: Engineer of Human Development-Dr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava
Role of Teacher Educator's towards a Learning Society-Mr. Anurag Sharma
Backwardness in Mathematics among Rural Secondary School Students of Birbhum Districts: An Analytical Study-Dr. Laxman Kumar Soren
Assessing Student's Perception of Academic Challenge in Higher Education-Alok Dubey
Creation of Enriched Teaching-Learning Environments : Lessons from Cognitive Neuropsychology -Dr. Shalini Yadava
Challenges in Quality Higher Education with Special Reference to Women Education. -Kumaraswamy MN
The Digital Education Scenario in India-Dr. Aerum Khan Prof. Chhaya Goel (Retd.) Prof. Devraj Goel
University Students’ Perception towards Barriers to Entrepreneurship-Dr. Gobind Singh Gure
Information Processing Skills and Its Impact on Learners Studying through Distance Mode-Dr. G. KUMARAVELU
School Education in Hill Districts of Uttarakhand State of India-Chandra Prakash Kala