Article Papers -
Journal :
Vol-7, Issue-3, Date-August, 2018

Identification of possible strategies for implementing PBL at INES-Ruhengeri: A preliminary study-Nsanzumuhire U. Silas, Dr. HABINEZA Faustin, Dr. NAHIMANA Marien, Dr. MPAKANIYE J. Paul
Skills Development in South Asia: Setting the Momentum for Demographic Dividend-Anjali Taneja
Effectiveness of mathematics club activities in terms of achievement in mathematics and attitude towards mathematics of secondary students - Prof. S.K. Tyagi Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gour
A Study on the Level of Social Intelligence of Coastal School Students in Kerala-Thadayoose P. Dr. Asha J. V.
State Funded Schools-Ailing System Needs Resurgence-Dr. Indrajeet Dutta
Teaching Strategies, Methods and Techniques to Enhance Learning among Slow Learners-Dr. T. Manichander
Education in Quest of Identity -Devraj Goel
The Extended role of VECs & SMCs in the Development of Schools and its Scenario in Government Primary Schools -Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Singh
Status of secondary education in jharkhand in the context of rmsa-Dr. Ramakanta Mohalik, Dr. Rasmirekha Sethy
Role of Teacher Educator in Human Development-Dr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava