Article Papers -
Journal :
Vol-7, Issue-4, Date-November, 2018

Teaching and Learning of Geography in Secondary Schools of Burdwan District of West Bengal: An In-Depth Analysis-Mr. Biswajit Saha
Effect of Feedback on Accuracy of Self-assessment of Achievement in Chemistry in the Context of Self Concept and Bias of Eleventh Graders - Dr. Poonam Tyagi Prof. H. R. Pal
A Comparative study on the Teaching Competency between Novice and Veteran Teachers in the Teaching Learning Process of Secondary School of Bilaspur City Chhattisgarh-Dr. Sunil Kumar Sain
Human Rights Education and Global Peace-Dr. Rajesh Kumar Srivastav
Tagore's Idea on Science Education and its significance with reference to National Curriculum Framework 2005-Ritendra Roy Dr. Asheesh ,Srivastava
Presenting a Model for Developing of Faculty Trust Culture-Mahmood Safari, Nader Soleimani